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Meet Jeffery and Colin Cox Pool Installation and Maintenance Experts

Four Seasons Pools and Spas

We are one of the largest and oldest of the professional pool & spa service companies on the Outer Banks! Pool service is our bread and butter but repairs are are a close second followed by new equipment sales like Pool covers, Spa covers, Pool liners, Pool heaters, Salt water chlorinators.

Our techs are full time employees, are all certified pool operators (CPO's) and carry PDA field computers to record chemical readings for both pools and spas. these reading are stored on our business office computer and can be sent to owners and rental companies if needed. We have no store front and don't sell chemicals.

We have never advertised, all of our business up til now has been word of mouth which I personally think is the best kind of advertising. But there are a lot of out of work construction people who who think pool service should be their next venture and are putting out low ball unrealistic prices in order to get new business. They think pool service is just about vacuuming and chlorinating. We at Fours Season Pools know that it takes a whole lot more to give owners and their guests a safe and enjoyable pool experience. Guests like to meet us (locals) and here about where to eat, or swim of fish or just talk. All this is exactly what we like to do. Meeting the guest usually means we have less issues and we get the chance to tell them about proper use of the spa, or ease there mind about how safe is the water in the pool.

Year after year we meet the same guest which means that they must had a good experience last time since they came back. Sometimes the house doesn't meet their needs and they ask us "What other houses to you service?"

They get to know us and no longer worry about the pool and spa, they just use it and enjoy it. Give us a call today or fill out the form for more information!



  • What we can do for you?

New Pool Installation

Centrally located on the Outer Banks, we provide pool construction for homeowners in the Northeast region.

Spa Repair & Replacement

Our techs are trained to recognize and repair equipment problems and carry many common parts for immediate repair.

Pool Heater Repair & Replacement

(100's of local installations) Large selection of liner patterns & sizes to fit all pools.